Department Board composition 2021-2023

Regular members:

Magnus Ullén
Head of Department

Beyza Björkman Nylén
Deputy Head of Department

Andreas Gavran
Head of Administration

Špela Mežek
Senior Lecturer

Irina Rasmussen
Senior Lecturer

Peter Sundkvist
Senior Lecturer

Giles Whiteley

Jonathan Foster
Doctoral student

Kitty Stefan
Student representative

Alternate members:

Adnan Mahmutovic
Senior Lecturer

Helena Engler
Study Counsellor

Alice Sundman
Doctoral student

[to be appointed]
Student representative


Kim Jansson (on leave; substitute Alice Pick Duhan)
Finance & Personnel Officer


Dates for upcoming Board meetings are available on the Department's Swedish website.

Below you will find the minutes from Board meetings, and internal delegations.