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Peter Sundkvist received his Ph.D. in English Linguistics from Stockholm University (2004), with a thesis on the phonology of Shetland English. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Linguistics, Yale University, 2005–2007. His research interests concern phonology, phonetics, and dialectology, relating to varieties of English and Germanic languages more generally. He has conducted extensive linguistic fieldwork in the Shetland Islands. His earliest research focused on the local form of Scottish Standard English, especially as spoken in Lerwick, Shetland’s urban centre. Subsequently he was the Principal Investigator of a project on the phonology of Shetland Scots, funded by The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation, for which he completed a regional phonological survey of the Shetland Isles 2010–2012. More recently he has conducted empirical research on English as spoken in various parts of Asia including China and Vietnam. He has also published on accent stereotypes and pulmonic ingressive speech.

At the Department of English, Stockholm University, Peter Sundkvist teaches courses and supervises undergraduate, MA, and doctoral students within the fields of phonology, phonetics, and dialectology.

Information for prospective thesis students: Peter Sundkvist is delighted to supervise BA, magister, and MA theses within the subfields of phonology, phonetics, or dialectology.


Recent publications:

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