Room: E845
Office hours: by appointment

I received my MPhil (1995) and PhD (1999) in English from the University of Manchester, where I also started my university teaching career. I joined the Department of English at Stockholm University in 2008 and was involved in the establishment of the Centre for Academic English (CAE), which I directed between 2010 and 2017. In 2011 I earned the title of associate professor (Swedish: docent) and became full professor in 2014. 

After completing my PhD, I have worked primarily in the field of applied English linguistics. Over the last decade, my research and publications have focused on the use of English at the international university, academic writing in English as an additional language, the impact of online technologies on academic writing, and discourse analysis of research-based writing. I am interested in the use of English in education, e.g. English-medium instruction, English for research and publication purposes in multilingual contexts, and the impact of digital media on research-based writing. I am currently working on a monograph for Multilingual Matters, in which I apply a Bakhtinian lens to theorise my research findings in the above-mentioned areas.

I have supervised research projects on topics related to discourse analysis, language teaching and learning, English for specific/academic purposes, sociolinguistics, and other areas of English and applied linguistics. 5 PhD students have completed their projects under my supervision and 3 are currently in progress at Stockholm University and the University of Stavanger. I am happy to receive proposals for new projects.

My current teaching in the Department includes lectures and workshops on research methods, academic writing and courses on “Discourse Analysis”, “English and Multilingualism”, and “Language for Specific Purposes”. I am also coordinating and teaching the PhD theme course Dynamics of Multilingualism at the Faculty of the Humanities, which runs in collaboration with the Centre for Research on Bilingualism. Over the past few years, I have designed, taught, and coordinated various courses in English for academic and professional purposes, both for Stockholm University departments and for external organizations.

I currently serve on the editorial boards of four international journals: Applied Linguistics (Oxford University Press), Journal of English for Academic Purposes (Elsevier), Ibérica: Journal of the European Association of Languages for Specific Purposes (AELFE), and the Journal of English for Research Publication Purposes (John Benjamins), as well as the peer-reviewed series in Stockholm English Studies published by Stockholm University Press. At weekends I admire the beauty of Nordic nature in the company of multiple multilingual children.

Selected publications:


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