Assistant Professor

Currently on research leave

I received my PhD in 2012 from the Department of General Linguistics at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. My dissertation investigated the effects of English on the conceptual fluency of Afrikaans/English Bilinguals in a tertiary education context. My research has two distinct but interrelated foci:

  • Multilingualism in various contexts (with a particular focus on to what extent and how English features in and shapes the linguistic repertoires and linguistic development of multilinguals).
  • Multimodality (or the interplay of language with other semiotic modes) in teaching and learning, as well as in public discourses.

I have extensive experience in teaching and supervision on the tertiary level.


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Pedagogical publications

Oostendorp, M. 2014. First language acquisition. In Bock, Z. & Mhetha, G. (eds). Language, society and communication: An introduction (pp. 213-242). Pretoria: Van Schaik.

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