Professor Emeritus

Kingsley Bolton is Professor Emeritus in English Linguistics. Kingsley was educated at the University of Kent, Edinburgh University, and Reading University, UK.  His research interests include a wide range of topics related to language and society and English worldwide. Kingsley is currently Co-Editor of the international journal World Englishes (Wiley-Blackwell), anda member of the editorial board of Applied Linguistics Review, Educational Studies, English Today, English World-Wide, and the international book series Multilingual Education (Springer). He has an active and continuing research agenda, much of which focuses on English in the Asian region, English-medium education, and world Englishes.

His publications include a number of books on world Englishes and Asian Englishes, as well as research articles dealing with issues related to English-medium instruction (EMI).


Selected publications

Books and journal special issues:

Bolton, Kingsley. (2003). Chinese Englishes: A sociolinguistic history. Cambridge University Press.

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Bolton, Kingsley & Werner Botha (eds.). 2015. English in contemporary China. World Englishes, Special issue 34(2). 169-310.

Journal articles:

Bolton, Kingsley. 2010. Creativity and world Englishes. World Englishes 29(4). 454-465.

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Book chapters:

Bolton, Kingsley. 2010a. ‘Thank you for calling’: Asian Englishes and ‘native-like’ performance in Asian call centres. In Andy Kirkpatrick (ed.), The Routledge handbook of world Englishes, 550-564. London: Routledge.

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