Associate Professor

Room: E806

I graduated in English Studies (2002) and General Linguistics (2004) from the University of Barcelona, where I also obtained my PhD in Linguistics and Communication (2010). My main research areas/interests are:

1. Sociolinguistics, language policy, and language ideology
2. The politics of English as a global language
3. Multilingualism and multilingual practices.

My research is primarily in language policy. Over the past few years, I have investigated how, in non-Anglophone contexts, universities and their stakeholders adapt to the growing presence of English in their daily realities. Empirically, my material comes first and foremost from Estonia, a country with which I have established personal and professional ties since 2005. In addition, and in collaboration with colleagues around Europe, I have conducted comparative university language policy analyses across an ample spectrum of countries and contexts. In parallel to the role of English in higher education, I have also developed an interest in multilingual families, and have published case studies of parental language ideologies in multilingual homes in Estonia, Sweden, and the UK. More recently, my research has started to delve into the topic of publishing in English for research purposes, specifically looking at how multilingual scholars handle the need to publish in academic English. Finally, I remain interested in the sociolinguistics of minority language situations, with Catalonia as a central focus of attention.

My teaching journey at university began in 2004, working then as an assistant teacher at the Escola d’Idiomes Moderns (School of Modern Languages) of the University of Barcelona. Since then, I have taught language and culture courses at the universities of Oxford, Tallinn, and Tartu. At Stockholm University, I have developed, taught, and coordinated various courses within the English Studies programmes at both graduate and undergraduate levels, including sociolinguistics and intercultural communication. I am also actively involved in teaching at the PhD level, currently co-supervising two doctoral students.



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