Postdoctoral researcher

Room: E873
Telephone: +46 (0)8 16 25 71

Caroline Gentens obtained her doctoral degree in linguistics from the University of Leuven, Belgium. She defended her dissertation on factive complements in English in December 2016.

Her research has focused on the grammatical semantics of complementation constructions in English (factivity, mirativity, modality). She is mainly drawn to cognitive-functional and corpus-based approaches for analyses of both present-day form-function correlations as well as language change over time.

Selected publications

1. Articles in international peer-reviewed journals or edited volumes

Gentens, C. & J. Rudanko. 2019. The Great Complement Shift and the role of understood subjects: the case of fearful. Folia Linguistica.

Gentens, C. 2019. The diachrony of the fact that-clauses. English Studies.

Gentens, C. 2016. The discursive status of extraposed object clauses. Journal of Pragmatics 96:15-31.

Gentens, C., Kimps, D. (joint first), Jacobs, G., Davidse, K., Van linden, A. & L. Brems. 2016. Mirativity and rhetorical structure: The development and prosody of disjunct and anaphoric adverbials with ‘no’ wonder. In: Kaltenböck, G., Lohmann, A. & E. Keizer (eds), Outside the Clause, 125-156. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Breban, T. & C. Gentens (joint first). 2016. Multiple shifts: new views on pathways and mechanisms of grammaticalization in the English noun phrase. Functions of Language 23(1):40-59.

Gentens, C. 2015. ‘Factive’ parenthetical clauses: A synchronic and diachronic account of I regret (to say). Journal of Historical Pragmatics, 16(2): 218-249.

2. Scientific books (monographs, edited volumes)

Gentens, C. (Book proposal accepted with revisions.) The factive-reported distinction in English: Representational and interpersonal semantics. Trends in Linguistics Series. Berlin: De Gruyter.

Van linden, A., Spronck, S., Gentens, C. & M. S. Sansiñena (eds). 2020. Notes from the field on perspective-indexing constructions: Irregular shifts and perspective persistence. Functions of Language. (Amsterdam: John Benjamins.)

Gentens, C., Sansiñena, M. S., Spronck, S. & A. Van linden (eds). 2019. Irregular perspective shifts and perspective persistence. Discourse-oriented and theoretical approaches. Pragmatics. (Amsterdam: John Benjamins).

Davidse, K., Gentens, C., Ghesquière, L. & L. Vandelanotte (eds). 2014. Corpus interrogation and grammatical patterns. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Vandelanotte, L., Davidse, K., Gentens, C. & D. Kimps (eds). 2014. Recent Advances in Corpus Linguistics: Developing and Exploiting Corpora. Amsterdam: Rodopi.