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Recent publications

The most recent publications in the Department are listed below. To see a list of all publications registered in the national database DiVA, please click the following link:

Full list of publications in DiVA

Author Title Year
Beyza Björkman
Morphosyntactic variation in spoken English as a lingua franca interactions : Revisiting linguistic variety 2017
Stefan Helgesson
Ngugi wa Thiong'o and the Conceptual Worlding of Literature 2017
Giles Whiteley
Pater’s Conclusion : A New Source 2017
Giles Whiteley
Wilde's Plagiarism in the Essay on "Historical Criticism” 2017
Giles Whiteley
An Unidentified French Quotation in Wilde’s Essay on ‘Historical Criticism’ 2017
Giles Whiteley
Oscar Wilde’s Reading of Popular Science 2017
Giles Whiteley
Kipling the Plagiarist? The Case of ‘O Baal, Hear Us!’ 2017
Giles Whiteley
Pater’s Heraclitus : Irony and the Historical Method 2017
Adnan Mahmutovic, Fridrik Solnes Jonsson
In orbit : Roberto Bolano 2017
Giles Whiteley
An Oblique Allusion to Barbauld in The Mystery of Edwin Drood 2017
Stefan Helgesson
Post-anticolonialism 2017
Giles Whiteley
Cosmopolitan Space : Political Topographies in ‘Lord Arthur Savile's Crime’ 2017
Adnan Mahmutovic
Halal History and Existential Meaning in Salman Rushdie’s Early Fiction 2017
Giles Whiteley
Philosophical Wilde : Michael Y. Bennett (ed.): Philosophy and Oscar Wilde, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017 2017
Marcelyn Oostendorp
As an undergrad, I don't have the right to an opinion' : Reconstructing Students as Creative Meaning-makers in the Applied English Language Classroom 2017
Adnan Mahmutovic, Denise Nunes
Maxime Miranda in Minimis : Swarm Consciousness in Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind 2017

Visions of the Future in Comics : International Perspectives 2017
Silvia Kunitz, Klara Skogmyr Marian
Tracking Immanent Language Learning Behavior Over Time in Task-Based Classroom Work 2017
Stefan Helgesson
An Ecology of World Literature: From Antiquity to the Present Day by Alexander Beecroft 2017
Giles Whiteley
A Note on Some Unidentified Sources in Mansfield’s Reading from 1907 2017
Giles Whiteley
The Tree of Knowledge : New Insights on Katherine Mansfield, Oscar Wilde and ‘A Woman’ 2017
Giles Whiteley
Inspir’d Bards : An Unidentified Quotation in Pope’s Dunciad Variorum 2017
Adnan Mahmutovic, Lucy Durneen
Towards a Poetics of Editing 2017
Maria Zirra
Shelf Lives : Nonhuman Agency and Seamus Heaney's Vibrant Memory Objects 2017
Giles Whiteley
Robert Southey, Thomas Lindley and the Zombi 2017
Giles Whiteley
‘Dishonours of the Grave’ : Jeremy Taylor and De Quincey’s Confessions 2017
Giles Whiteley
Coleridge’s Quotation from Petronius in the Notebooks of 1830 2017
Giles Whiteley
The Earliest Literary Reference to Manchester Pudding? 2017
Giles Whiteley
‘Neither for God, Nor for His Enemies’ : Wilde’s ‘Theoretikos’ and Pater’s Essay on Botticelli 2017
Giles Whiteley
The ‘Thaumaturgic Art of Thought’ : Bram Stoker and Thomas Carlyle 2017
Giles Whiteley
Some Unnoted Sources in Oscar Wilde’s Oxford Notebook 2017
Giles Whiteley
Some Unnoted Sources in Oscar Wilde’s Commonplace Book 2017
Giles Whiteley
An Unnoted Quotation from Pater in Wilde’s Review of William Morris 2017
Giles Whiteley
“Inverted Rites” : Reading Girard reading Pater reading Shakespeare 2017
Joakim Wrethed
The Phenomenology of Representation, Ritual, and the Sacred in Tom McCarthy’s Remainder 2017
Joakim Wrethed
ʻWhere danger is, there rescue growsʼ : Technology, Time, and Dromology in Tom McCarthy’s C. 2017
Raffaella Negretti
Calibrating Genre : Metacognitive Judgments and Rhetorical Effectiveness in Academic Writing by L2 Graduate Students 2015
Hans Malmström, Spela Mezek, Diane Pecorari,
et al.
Engaging with Terminology in the Multilingual Classroom : Teachers’ Practices for Bridging theGap Between L1 Lectures and English Reading 2016
Gül Bilge Han, Paul Schreiber
For him the moon was always in Scandinavia : Stevens in the Swedish University Classroom 2018
Josep Soler, Anastassia Zabrodskaja
New spaces of new speaker profiles : Exploring language ideologies in transnational multilingual families 2018
Niina Hynninen, Maria Kuteeva
Good and acceptable English in L2 research writing : Ideals and realities in history and computer science 2018
Kathrin Kaufhold
Interdisciplinary postgraduate writing : Developing genre knowledge 2017
Kathrin Kaufhold
Tracing interacting literacy practices in master's dissertation writing 2017
Beyza Björkman
PhD supervision meetings in an English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) setting : linguistic competence and content knowledge as neutralizers of institutional and academic power 2017
Maria Kuteeva
European perspectives on second language writing pedagogy 2017
Ulla Vanhatalo, Heli Tissari
Esittelyssä alkusanakieli 2017
Josep Soler-Carbonell, Taina Saarinen, Kerttu Kibbermann
Multilayered perspectives on language policy in higher education : Finland, Estonia, and Latvia in comparison 2017
Josep Soler, Virve-Anneli Vihman
Language ideology and language planning in Estonian higher education : nationalising and globalising discourses 2017
Heli Tissari
Corpus-linguistic approaches to metaphor analysis 2017
Adnan Mahmutovic
Move to the City : Infrastructure and Globalization in How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia 2018


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