Book cover: Investigating English in Europe

Investigating English in Europe: Contexts and Agendas

New book published with contributions from Beyza Björkman and Josep Soler-Carbonell.

Culture Control Critique

Culture Control Critique

Culture Control Critique is an attempt to address the current crisis in cultural critique, situate it in relation to what it sees as a powerful tendency toward political allegory in contemporary Anglo-American mainstream culture, and analyse how this tendency can be understood in relation to the totalizing tendencies of control society.

Book cover: The Routledge Handbook of English for Academic Purposes

The Routledge Handbook of English for Academic Purposes

Edited by Ken Hyland and Philip Shaw. Includes chapters by Beyza Björkman, Maria Kuteeva, Spela Mezek, and Philip Shaw.

TTN 2016

Two Thirds North 2016

In this issue, two-thirds into the darkness of Nordic winter, literary voices bring us visions once again from so many other latitudes.

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Oscar Wilde and the Simulacrum

Oscar Wilde is more than a name, more than an author. From precocious Oxford undergraduate to cause célèbre of the West End of the 1890s, to infamous criminal, the proper name Wilde has become an event in the history of literature and culture.

Institutions of World Literature cover thumbnail

Institutions of World Literature

This volume engages critically with the recent and ongoing consolidation of "world literature" as a paradigm of study. On the basis of an extended, active, and ultimately more literary sense of what it means to institute world literature, it views processes of institutionalizationnot as limitations, but as challenges to understand how literature may simultaneously function as an enabling and exclusionary world of its own.


Ethics and Poetics

Bringing together international scholars interested in the ethics of fiction, this book extends the rich field of ethical literary criticism that has emerged in the last twenty years. New ground is broached in that the authors explore literariness itself as constitutive of ethical intimations about the pluralistic community and about egalitarian modes of communication.

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Two Thirds North Anthology 2015

In this issue of Two Thirds North there is constant oscillation, an incessant process of translation within and across borders, whether poetic or cultural. This year we feature Cate Kennedy and Kevin Hart together with writers and poets from five continents


From Clerks to Corpora

Why is the Isle of Dogs in the Thames called Isle of Dogs? Did King Canute’s men bring English usage back to Jutland? How can we find out where English speakers suck their breath in to give a short response? And what did the Brontës do about dialect and think about foreign languages?

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English as an Academic Lingua Franca

As a result of globalization, higher education institutions throughout the world are adopting English for parts of their education. Higher education is becoming increasingly international and thus linguistically diverse, for educational, idealistic and financial reasons.

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Computer mediated discourse across languages

At the end of the last century the web was conceived of as a library where information could be posted and retrieved, so that there was a fairly clear distinction between the roles of producers and consumers of information. Since then what is called Web 2.0 has emerged as a highly interactive space where all participants are both producers and consumers.


Of butterflies and birds, of dialects and genres

This volume is a tribute to our friend and colleague Philip Shaw, Professor of English linguistics at the Department of English, Stockholm University, on the occasion of his 65th birthday.

Two Thirds North 2013 Anthology

In this issue, Gerard Woodward pays homage to Kafka. Clark Blaise explores the mind of a dangerously precocious Indian-American girl. Ocean Vuong inhabits the fractured identities of family members after war. Ann Fisher-Wirth tweaks a Swedish proverb into a vital challenge.

Two Thirds North 2012 Anthology

Two Thirds North 2012 Anthology

Two Thirds North is the initial volume of what will continue as an annual anthology of poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, memoires, interviews, graphics and photography.

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World Englishes: an Introduction

World Englishes, Second Edition provides you with an engaging overview of the global variations in vocabulary, grammar, phonology and pragmatics of English as it is used worldwide.

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Stockholm Syndromes

Stockholm Syndromes is an anthology of new poetry and fiction in English edited by Masters students in the course in Creative Writing and Editing. Coming out in early March 2011.

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Media, Popular Culture, and the American Century

Seen from a contemporary perspective, it is evident that the greatest cultural impact of the U.S. in the fabled American Century was not at the high end of intellectual thought, but at the level of popular culture, the mass media, technology, and the spread of the American vernacular in all its semiotic forms.


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