The course English II for teaching is a collaboration between the Department of English and the Department of Language Education.

The course has three main aims, all of which also contribute to further progress in written and oral proficiency:
- to broaden students' literary, theoretical, and critical competence, and skill in analyzing literary text;
- to broaden students' knowledge of English linguistics and basic linguistic methodology;
- to broaden students' knowledge of educational theories and practices.

It consists of the following course units: Literature and Culture, Linguistic Survey course, Language Education, Academic Reading and Writing, and Language Proficiency.

  • The Literature and Culture course develops students’ critical and analytical skills and introduces some theoretical issues in studies of literature and culture from different time periods of English literature.
  • The first part of the Linguistic Survey course deals with syntax, semantics and phonetics/phonology. In the second part students concentrate on fields of study such as world Englishes, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis and the history of the English language.
  • The Language Education course deals with theory, research and practice regarding English as a foreign language from an educational perspective.
  • Academic Reading and Writing aims at developing students’ competence in reading and writing academic English as well as their genre awareness.
  • Language Proficiency is an integral part of the course units on literature, linguistics and Language Education, as well as in a lecture series focusing on translation.

Syllabus: EN02GY

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