This is the first of two terms of English studies within the Bachelor’s Programme in Global Management which is jointly run by the Department of English and Stockholm Business School.

The course has three parallel overarching aims:

- to improve students' communicative skills in written and spoken academic English,
- to introduce students to the field of English linguistics,
- to introduce students to the field of English literature.

The course consists of four modules within the field of English linguistics and English literature.


Information autumn 2017


Provided you have applied for the course through and accepted your offer of a place, you can register for the course through Web registration will be open between 10 and 20 August.


You will take four modules - two in linguistics and two literature. We will confirm the optional module placements in August, as it will depend on the number of registered students. In August (during week 34) you will also get access to the Mondo site for the modules you've been placed in.

Module descriptions and course literature. Note that the course literature has been updated for some modules (from the preliminary lists in May).



Exam schedule

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