The Stockholm University James Joyce Reading Group convened for the first time at the Pontus Hultén Study Gallery, at Moderna Museet, the collection that holds Constantin Brancusi’s “Portrait of James Joyce” (1928).

Jointly we decided to continue reading together and are announcing that we will meet once a month every term to read Joyce’s Ulysses. All you need to join us is to bring a copy of Ulysses (in any edition or language).

We will follow the procedure of Joyce Reading Groups established all over the world: we’ll read Ulysses aloud, sentence by sentence, line by line, to experience the text and to jointly tackle its richness. No preparation is required. The idea is that we put our heads together to meet Joyce's challenge.

The meeting place and time are English Department (Stockholm University), Room E890, 15.45–17.15.

The dates for Autumn 2017:

1. September 12

We will resume where we ended last time, a few lines into “Telemachus.” I'll keep track of the exact lines and add them to the announcements.

2. October 17

The "Telemachus" chapter; the lines where we will begin our reading are: "Cranly's arm. His arm.-- And to think of your having to beg from these swine.​"

3. November 21

"Telemachus": We ended on the line: "O, it's only Dedalus whose mother is beastly dead" and will begin with: "A flush which made him seem younger and more engaging rose to Buck Mulligan's cheek."

4. December 5

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